Interview with Claus-Hindrik Meyer

“genesis drives a hard bargain on behalf of its customs – but always fair and quality conscious.”

An interview with Claus-Hindrik Meyer, Managing Partner of genesis procurement gmbh, on the profile and philosophy of a real service provider.

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“We are correct in the matter but always fair.”

Claus-Hindrik Meyer

How would you describe the services offered by genesis in three sentences?

1. genesis offers commercial services and organisation as a service provider.
2. With expertise and specialist knowledge, genesis ensures a project budget has a market orientated volume.
3. genesis mediates in the case of differing views between building owner, architects, planners, suppliers and operators.

And in one sentence?

For the product areas FF&E as well as SOE, genesis assumes the purchasing handling of a building project and supports its partners in the initial assessment and budget calculation as well as in deadline and goods control, acceptancy and warranty claims.
Which three attributes apply to the work of genesis?
Efficient. Thorough. Honest.

What project is typical of genesis?

Basically all building projects. genesis specialises in the areas of FF&E and SOE of hotel building projects in Germany and abroad.
What is characteristic of the work of genesis?
When genesis takes on an assignment, the highest priority is to create a contractual understanding between all parties involved in a project. This involves the building owners, the investor, the specialist planners, suppliers and the operator. If opinions or views of the parties involved differ, genesis acts as intermediary and brings all involved together at a table with the aim of finding a mutual and practical solution.

What else?

To be analytical. With its knowledge of the worldwide market and its price structures as well as many years’ experience, genesis is able to confidently evaluate the requirements of a bill of quantities in order to compile the optimum cost estimate. For example, to see if the requested brand product can be replaced by a more cost efficient alternative of equal value. genesis earns its money with what it does best:  searching for and finding the requested products on the international markets which are well priced. The end result: a budget which is in line with market requirements.
What differentiates genesis from a general contractor?
Firstly: in contrast to a GC, genesis does not buy for itself, on its own account, but as a service provider to the account of the building owner or investor. Secondly: genesis does not calculate, in contrast to a GC, a mark-up of the goods purchased but receives a fixed fee for its services. The budget then benefits from the difference. Thirdly: genesis offers full transparency in the negotiation processes and the choice of manufacturers. This enables a high quality standard and creates trust.

Why is the company called genesis “procurement” gmbh?

The hotel market is an international market and English is the language of the global market. In English “procurement” means buying management. This, in turn, is the exact commercial objective of genesis.

And why did you choose the name genesis?

Genesis is the first book of the Greek Bible, the Pentateuch, and describes the beginning and origin of creation.
This inspired me in naming the company. To create and complete something from the very beginning. It’s a great feeling.


Claus-Hindrik Meyer was born in 1967 in Nordhorn and grew up in Königstein i.Ts. near Frankfurt am Main. After completing his Abitur (A-levels) and army service he completed a three-year training as a chef in the Hotel Erbprinz in Ettlingen. This was followed by one and a half years as chef in the Auberge de Noves near Avignon/France. From 1994 to 1996 he attended Heidelberg Hotel Management School where he graduated with a degree in hotel management after which he joined his parent’s firm BEHOGAST Hoteleinrichtung GmbH. In 1997 he established the company Intera Mobiliar & Decor GmbH and, in 2007, the company genesis procurement gmbh with a new sales concept. The many diverse aspects of the hotel and catering business remain his passion to the present day and are incorporated in his work. His hobbies include cooking, languages and being sociable.